Brain Teasers

Emily's Brain Teaser I


1. What legendary horse was so famous that all of the early "Bulldog" type Quarter Horses were characterized as his type?

Steel Dust Is Thought As The Most Famous Of The "Bulldog" Type Quarter Horses.

2. Who was the first president of the AQHA?

W.B.Warren Was the first president of the AQHA

3. In what year was the AQHA actually formed?

The AQHA Was Formed In 1940.

4. What horse has the distinction of being #1 in the first AQHA stud book?

Wimpy P-1 Was Issued The Prestigious #1 in the first AQHA stud book.

5. Which of the original founders of the AQHA most favored the "Bulldog" type horse until his untimely death in 1953?

Dan Casement Pushed The Steeldust Covenant.

6. What woman replaced Bob Denhardt as the second AQHA Executive Secretary?

Helen Michaelis replaced Bob Denhardt as the second AQHA Executive Secretary

7. What Thoroughbred was such an influence on the American Quarter Horse that he has been immortalized by having a statue at the AQHA headquarters in Amarillo, Texas?

A Statue Of Three Bars(TB) Was Erected At The AQHA headquarters in Amarillo In His Honor

8. The racing interests of the AQHA pushed the addition of what type of bloow to the Quarter Horse to produce faster race horses?

Thoroughbred Blood Was Added To Produce faster race horses 

9. What horse was the most famous resulting from the legendary Hank Wiescamp breeding program?

Skipper Was The Was The Most Well-Known Stallion Produced By The Hank Wiescamp breeding program

10. In today's reining horse pedigrees, what legendary sire appears most often?

King P-234 Is The Sire Found Most Often In Today's Winning reining horse pedigrees