Brain Teasers II

1. What horse became the centerpiece of the King Ranch breeding program?

Old Sorrell

2. Which Foundation Bred horse was also registered as a thoroughbred, and had a jockey club name of Brown Wool?

Joe Hancock

3. Who was the sire of King P-234 and Ed Echols? His nickname was the Mexican Man of War.


4. Hired Girl, the mother of Skipper W was by what legendary stallion?

Cowboy P-12

5. What combination of foundation bloodlines has been known as the "golden cross", by ropers, for many years?


6. What two legendary quarter horses, (listed in the first twenty horses by AQHA) had a thoroughbred as their sire?

Joe Reed P-3, Oklahoma Star P-6

7. What linebred, Old Sorrel stallion, off the King Ranch, is listed as P-1 in the AQHA studbooks?

Wimpy P-1

8. Who was the sire of Poker Chip Peake, considered by many to be the greatest calf roping horse of all time?


9. What legendary breeder of quarter horses, best remembered for his lead stallion, Skipper W, foaled in 1945, recently passed on?

Hank Weiscamp Of Alamosa, Colorado.

10. What foundation stallion had the nickname "The Iron Horse" because of the many years he remained sound, in spite of very hard use?