Cowboy Correct

I was leaning on a fence and talking to some of the ranchers at the Hancock and Foundation Breeders Sale, when a potential buyer approached us and asked the seemingly innocent question "I'm looking for a blue filly, out of Hancocks Blue Boy, can anyone help me"?

Someone pointed out the pen where the filly was, and our potential customer walked over to see her.

After he left, one of the ranchers made an interesting point, however. You sure can tell a dude, when someone is looking for a filly out of a stallion," he said. "A filly or colt is BY a stallion, and OUT OF a mare, getting them reversed sure tips me off that the person asking or talking, sure hasn't been around horses very long."

I guess I really hadn't thought about it before, but he was right!! I've heard it said both ways, but as I thought about it, I realized that all the real horsemen I know, say it correctly, and now when I hear it wrong, it sure tips me off too!

Next time you're talking horses, listen. You too, will be able to separate the dudes from the hands, just by their terminology!!