Foundation Horse Registry

PO Box 354,

Neola, UT 84053

PHONE: 714-907-7939

Registration Application


The following guidelines apply to all horses being considered for registration in the Foundation Horse Registry:

  • Horse must be currently registered, by its owner, with either AQHA or APHA.

  • Horse must have a pedigree, which, when followed back to its ancestors born after January 1st, 1952, shows no more than 20% thoroughbred blood, added after that date. (For purposes of calculation, the thoroughbred “Three Bars” is considered a Foundation horse, and does not count against the Foundation percentage allowed. Lines ending in Unknown do not count against the Foundation percentage.

  • No horse with Impressive in its bloodlines is eligible for registration with FHR.


Registration Procedure


  • Membership is required for registration. Include member # on registration application or check “pending” and submit membership application and fee along with registration application.

  • Applications must include copies of AQHA or APHA registration showing the registrant as current owner

  • Check FHR Fee Schedule.

  • Complete form below and submit with correct fees to the address above.


Ride a Foundation Bred Horse, Enjoy Your American Heritage


Membership required


(Buyer(s) name (s) as it should appear on registration)

I/we, (seller) certify that the above named horse is the one registered with FHR, that the current registration certificate has been delivered to the buyer and authorize transfer of ownership.

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