Foundation Pedigrees

Foundation Quarter Horse Pedigrees

Many great horses have played key roles in the Quarter Horse Breed,here are some of the photos and pedigrees of these extraordinary horses.

Legends, Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions

Credit: Western Horseman

Wimpy P-1

Wimpy a double-bred Old Sorrel achieved everlasting recognition in the world of Quarter Horses by being awarded the number 1 in the AQHA registry.

Peppy P-212

Peppy was linebred to Old Sorrel. He was a success in both showing and breeding. Peppy was cool, calm, level-headed and kind.

King P-234

King, one of the Quarter Horse industry's cornerstones. His conformation set the standard for Quarter Horse judging for more than a decade.


Leo carved his niche as a sizzling speed horse, but then he cemented his reputation by becoming one of the all-time great sires. Leo sired athletic ability as well as speed.

Poco Bueno

Put Poco Bueno in a cutting arena and he became a blur of lighting-fast speed. He and his sire, King P-234, were destined to become one of the industry's most famous father/son teams.

Three Bars

Three Bars has had the greatest impact on the Quarter Horse Breed of any horse in history. Three bars left his mark in racing, halter, cutting and other arena performance events.

Joe Hancock

One of the all-time great sires of rope horses. Before his career was over, Joe was open to the world at any distance from the starting line to 3/8ths of a mile.

Cowboy P-12

It was said, Cowboy P-12 was one of the finest horses who ever lived. He had a wonderful disposition and passed it on to his colts.

Hard Twist
1942 - 1962

Hard Twist earned a AAA rating and a racing Register of Merit. He made an amazing comeback at the age of 8, setting track records. 1946 World Champion Quarter Running Stallion and 1951 Co-World Champion Quarter Running Stallion.

Hollywood Gold

Hollywood Gold was always good-natured. He had tremendous stamina, good feet, and legs. He passed most of his positive qualities to his offspring.


It was said, Bert was a ropers dream. There was an over-whelming demand for Bert horses, and every cowboy in the country wanted one. As you can see Bert had powerful hindquarters.


All his colts had speed. We could breed him to a Percheron and get something fast. He was smart, had a good disposition, and was classy looking.

Joe Reed II

Joe Reed II was not only a top race horse, but also a halter winner. Some horses are born to run and Joe Reed II was one of the those.

Gonzales Joe Baily

Gonzales Joe Bailey was designaed as one of the 19 AQHA foundation sires. For a quarter century after Joe's Death, south Texas abounded with good-minded, soundly built horses. He was a horse that could do it all.

Lucky Blanton

This chestnut stallion was a top rope horse and rope horse sire, the majority of his offspring stayed on ranches or were used in the rodeo arena.

Peter McCue

Still one of the most recognizable names in Quarter horse history. Peter McCue went on to sire Harmon Baker, Hickory Bill and John Wilkins. And many other greats.. the list goes on and on.


He passed his speed and working ability to succedding generations. Born looking black he matured into a flea-bitten gray as he matured. At one point in his match racing career, Midnight had become so successful nobody would race against him.

Grey Badger II

He was a sizzling speed horse with legs of iron. He demolished almost every horse matched against him. The grey stallion's legs lasted long enough to eventually be raced against his own foals. By the time if his death, his descendants already begun to prove themselves worthy of his greatness.

Skipper W

Skipper W's success as a breeding horse, may have been due to the family of (Old Fred-bred) mares that were bred to him. In his 18 years at stud, Skipper W never stood to outside mares.

Oklahoma Star P-6

It has been said that there have been only two real sires of rope horses in Oklahoma, and Oklahoma Star P-6 was one of them.


A great match-race horse, Driftwood is best remembered as a sire of outstanding performance horses. While other race horses were high, Drifty always kept his cool.

Jessie James

He was considered to be one of the greatest cutting horses to ever look through a bridle.


He was nicknamed the Iron Horse because he stayed sound in spite of years of hard use. Clabber was a powerfully made horse who could pass on his speed and durability. He had the reputation as being one of

Old Sorrel

Old Sorrel founded a dynasty of performance horses for the King Ranch. Even today, his bloodline can be found in the winners of every working event for which the Quarter Horse is acclaimed.