Foundation Quarter Horses


Leo carved his niche as a sizzling speed horse, but then he
cemented his reputation by becoming one of the all-time great sires. 
Leo sired athletic ability as well as speed.


Leo, Foundation Sire

Joe Blair (TB)
Joe Reed P-3
Della Moore
Joe Reed II
Fleeting Time (TB)
Little Red Nell
Joe Blair (TB)
Joe Reed P-3
Della Moore
Little Fanny
Ashwell (TB)
Fanny Ashwell
Fannie Richardson
Halter and Performance Record: Racing ROMProgeny Record:
AQHA Champions: 24
Foal Crops: 24
Foals Registered: 554
Halter-Point Earners: 69
Halter Points Earned: 935
Performance-Point Earners: 46
Performance-Points Earned: 840.5
Performance Registers of Merit: 33
Leading Race Money Earner: Miss Olene ($31,532)
Race Money Earned: $605,882
Race Registers of Merit: 211
Race Starters: 370
Superior Halter Awards: 4
Superior Performance Awards: 2
superior Race Awards: 8
Supreme Champions: 1
World Champions (Racing): 4