Foundation Quarter Horses

Wimpy P-1

Wimpy a double-bred Old Sorrel achieved everlasting
recognition in the world of Quarter Horses
by being awarded the number 1 in the AQHA registry.


Wimpy P-1 Quarter Horse Legend

Hickory Bill
Old Sorrel
Dr. Rose mare
Right Royal (TB)
Mother of Solis
Lazarus mare
Wimpy P-1
1937 - 1959 Hickory Bill
Old Sorrel
Dr. Rose mare
Hickory Bill
Roan Q mare
Halter and Performance Record: noneProgeny Record:
AQHA Champions: 1
Foal Crop: 22
Halter-Point Earners: 13
Halter Point Earned: 351
Performance Registers of Merit: 4
Performance-Point Earners: 4
Performance Points Earned: 196
Race Starters: 1
Superior Halter Awards: 2
Superior Performance Awards: 1