Foundation Quarter Horses

Foundation Quarter Horse Pedigrees

Many great horses have played key roles in the Quarter Horse Breed,
here are some of the photos and pedigrees of these extraordinary horses.

Legends, Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions
Credit:  Western Horseman

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Wimpy P1 Quarter Horse Stud Wimpy P-1

Wimpy a double-bred Old Sorrel achieved everlasting recognition in the world of Quarter Horses by being awarded the number 1 in the AQHA registry.

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Peppy Quarter Horse Stud Peppy P-212

Peppy was linebred to Old Sorrel.  He was a success in both showing and breeding. Peppy was cool, calm, level-headed and kind.

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King P-234 Quarter Horse Stud King P-234

King, one of the Quarter Horse industry's cornerstones.  His conformation set the standard for Quarter Horse judging for more than a decade.

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Leo Quarter Horse Stud Leo

Leo carved his niche as a sizzling speed horse, but then he cemented his reputation by becoming one of the all-time great sires.  Leo sired athletic ability as well as speed.

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Poco Bueno Poco Bueno

Put Poco Bueno in a cutting arena and he became a blur of lighting-fast speed. He and his sire, King P-234, were destined to become one of the industry's most famous father/son teams.

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Wimpy P-1
King P-234
Poco Bueno
Three Bars (TB)
Joe Hancock
Cowboy P-12
Hard Twist

Hollywood Gold
Joe Reed II
Gonzales Joe Bailey
Lucky Blanton
Peter McCue

Grey Badger II
Skipper W
Oklahoma Star
Jessie James
Old Sorrel

Foundation Pedigree Research

We have made arrangements with two members of the FQHBA to provide extended pedigree information to those of you who are interested.  Contact Pat Taylor at 830-995-3697 or e-mail and Lynne Turner at 920-863-5060 or by e-mail


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