The FHR Mission

Foundation Horse Registry

The Mission

With the ever increasing popularity of the American Quarter Horse, we realize that not everyone is aware of the tremendous part of the American heritage these horses and their ancestors represent. When America was young, the original quarter horse evolved with the country as it evolved, and was the backbone of rural America, providing help on the farm during the week and pleasure for the weekend, being ridden, driven and raced.

It is the goal of the Foundation Horse Registry, to preserve and promote these original quarter horses, and immortalize for generations to come, the legendary bloodlines. Horses like Driftwood, Clabber, Joe Hancock, Leo, Lucky Blanton, Three Bars, Poco Bueno, Old Sorrel and King. Bloodlines that would have disappeared, except for the few dedicated horsemen, who, because of their love affair with these horses, have kept them strong.

By recognizing and registering the descendants of the Foundation quarter horses, we hope to educate the horse owning public of the important part of our history that these horses represent. At the same time, we want to promote the Foundation bloodlines for what they produce, wonderful horses, to own and ride!!