Why Buy A Foundation Bred AQHA Horse?

One of the questions I get asked almost daily is, "Why should I buy a foundation bred quarter horse"?

Since I'm sure many of you are asked the same question, I thought I'd share my answers with all of you.

One of the main reasons that I both breed and ride Foundation Horses is temperment. When I ride (which is almost daily), I can't afford to get up on a horse that is so highstrung that he sees boogers in every bush, or wants to jump every shadow he sees. Nor do I have enough time to spend half an hour roundpenning some racehorse bred cayuse, until all he wants to do is walk.

Foundation bred horses were bred to be working horses, and if a person wants a horse that is going to give an honest days work, the horse has to have a mind that allows this to happen.

The second reason that comes to mind, as to why I ride a foundation bred horse, is durability. Those little arena horses have been bred to be cat quick, and have lots of cow, but let one of them follow me for a day of rounding up strays, or working the cattle pens, and within an hour or so, whoever made the decision to take a toy horse to do a working horses job, will be looking for a remount, while I just keep on riding!!

The next, and third reason that I give, is versatility. I know there are quarter horses around who can cut better, some that can run faster, and even some (ugh) who were bred just to be prettier, but day in and day out, my foundation bred horse can do what he was bred to do, and that is, anything I ask him to, maybe not as well as the so called specialty horses in their particular field, but overall, much better in a variety of endeavors.

Lastly, I ride a foundation bred horse because he represents to me what a quarter horse should really be, a link to the past and our American heritage that will disappear if he is not carefully preserved by the few of us who really appreciate him and the bloodlines he carries, which helped shape the west as we know it!!

If, after researching this site, you have decided that a Foundation Bred Horse might be right for you, contact us and we will give you the names and numbers of the FQHBA member breeders near you.

There are twelve family groups right now and many other breeders who do not linebreed, but have foundation stock.

You can e-mail your request or we can be reached by phone at 435-773-1758, if you would like to call and explain your needs in detail.

We will be glad to make recommendations, based on your requirements, as to which horses would be best for you, and give you what kind of pricing you can expect, based on what you are looking for.

Thank you,
Sid Thayne