Highly in-demand watch in solid 18k yellow gold

First launched in 1932, the Calatrava was influenced from the outset by the “form follows function” principle of the German Bauhaus movement, and it is known for its sleek lines and simple purity. Just as the core design of replica Rolex has remained virtually unchanged throughout its production history, similarly the shape of the Calatrava has remained virtually unchanged for most of a century.  
As a brand, Patek Philippe is known for the impeccable engineering used in its highly complex products. The company first introduced minute repeaters and perpetual calendars to the wristwatch world, so the timeless design of the Calatrava is testament to the reputation it still enjoys today.
Despite its minimalist appearance, it is the level of craftsmanship that elevates the watch to the royal level of horology. With a bezel that is either polished to an impossible shine or adorned with tumbled “Clous de Paris” detailing, there is not a wrist that would not be more refined, presentable and tasteful with a Patek Philippe Calatrava in yellow gold.
This list could not have been created without the Rolex Submariner in gold, one of the most striking gold watches in the brand’s entire collection. Originally forged in stainless steel when it was first released in 1953, the fake Rolex Submariner was joined by a solid 18-carat gold model in the late 1960s, forever cementing its status as a luxury dive watch and bringing a whole new generation to a once humble and utilitarian collection.
Similar to the appeal of the Rolex Daytona, collectors love having a highly capable sports watch that is capable of amazing technical feats, yet luxurious enough to be a true statement piece. When it comes to solid gold Submariner replica watches, our favorite is the version with the blue dial and blue bezel – the cool, saturated color is the perfect contrast to the warm alloy of the case. The beauty of this watch is in the details, and Rolex certainly knows that.
We love that the Chromalight hour markers on the dial are encased in gold and the engraved numerals on the rotating chronograph bezel are finished in gold PVD. This is the kind of gold watch you wear to make a statement, but it also never goes out of style and stands up to daily wear and use. One of the most popular watches ever made by the brand, this in-demand watch becomes even more unique when it is made in solid 18k yellow gold.