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Foundation Bred Paint and Quarter Horses!

This site is maintained entirely for the promotion and preservation of Foundation Bred Paint and Quarter Horses!

It is home to the Hancock Horse Breeders Association, the Foundation Quarter Horse Breeders Association, the Foundation Horse Registry, The Foundation Horse Market and the Foundation Stallion Barn.

The Foundation bred quarter horse is a distinct part of our American heritage, which can only be maintained by the careful selection and linebreeding of the legendary lines. Some of those lines are Joe Hancock, King P-234, Skipper W, Driftwood, Joe Reed II, Oklahoma star, Old Sorrel, Wimpy, Poco Bueno, and the legendary Three Bars.

These lines are irreplaceable and are being carefully maintained and promoted by our members.

You have all helped this site evolve as the central resource for Foundation quarter horse breeders, owners, buyers, sellers and everyone else interested in breeding and promoting these storied bloodlines.

We have assembled articles, topics and features for horses lovers of all persuasions as well as some just for Foundation Horsemen and women. provides the most popular address on the internet to those involved in the preservation and promotion of the Foundation bred horse, where you can see and be seen, and advertise by simply being a member.

Please join us and feel free to make suggestions on how we can improve our services.