Used Luxury Watches for Investment

While most products lose value immediately when they are sold, some fake watches retain their value or even appreciate for years. But which watches hold their value, and which watch brands are best worth investing in?
The vintage and secondary market for used luxury watches has flourished in the last decade thanks to consumers looking at timepieces as investments. Even those outside the realm of watch collecting have read the headlines about rare vintage Rolex watches selling for record-breaking prices at auction, not to mention all the stories about new replica watches re-selling above their retail prices. All this attention has attracted a new group of customers who want to buy luxury watches as investments in the hope of making a handsome profit in the future. There are also savvy consumers who buy watches first to wear them, but if they want to sell them in the future and upgrade to another model, they will choose a model that holds its value.
So, along with design, current price, functionality, brand, and history, a watch’s future value is playing a prominent role in its present-day desirability. So how do you decide which watch is a good investment? I may not have a crystal ball, but I can share with you some tips to increase the chances that your watch will be worth more tomorrow than it is today.
Well, Rolex is one of the most celebrated luxury brands of all time, recognized almost everywhere, and with a proven history of making timeless fake watch designs. They’re often found on the wrists of celebrities, tastemakers, powerful politicians, and captains of industry, and they have become synonymous with success and accomplishment. Buying a Rolex to commemorate a personal milestone is a story that is shared among many, and Rolex watches also benefit from being famously robust; they are built to be worn every day rather than tucked away inside a safe.
Some popular Rolex models that typically retain or increase in value include the Submariner, GMT-Master, and Daytona. What’s more, we’ve witnessed an uptick in the value of vintage references of the Explorer, Milgauss, and Sea-Dweller too. Vintage Daytona chronographs in stainless steel with “Paul Newman” dials are still some of the most valuable watches in the world today, which is a particularly impressive achievement given that these models were slow sellers during their time and often lingered on dealers’ shelves.
The secondary market for discontinued watch models is much more accessible and still offers the chance to pick up a future collectible if you know where to look. Overall, a stainless steel sports watch from replica Rolex or Patek Philippe is about as sure of an investment as you can make given the inherent uncertainty that exists within the luxury watch market.

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