What is the best watch for outdoor adventures?

When you’re heading into the wilderness, you’ll want a watch. That way you can time your morning hike so you can get back to camp before breakfast. Or use your GPS if you get lost, or use the sun’s rays to start a fire when you realize you forgot your matches.  
My oldest possession, and the one that has seen the most adventures in my life, is an old Rolex replica watch passed down to me by my grandfather, who was sent to Washington, D.C. in the 1950s as a diplomat for the new democratic Burmese government and took his family with him, including my father, who was in elementary school at the time. Back then, international travel was by boat. They traveled from Rangoon to Ceylon, around the Horn of Africa to the Suez Canal, and to the East Coast of the United States, where my father saw snow for the first time.
I always go back to my Timex Weekender. I love its versatility and can go from adventure to everyday wear. Sure, it’s not the flashiest watch, but with the interchangeable strap options, it’s a watch I can rely on for almost any occasion. I’ve had my watch for 15 years and it has been on countless hikes, runs, bike rides, and beach outings. It is reasonably priced, can take a pounding, and can be dressed up to suit the scene.
My favorite adventure copy watch is a vintage Panerai Luminor that my father “loaned” to me and it has never left my personal collection. I love that I can take it surfing, wear it to any glamorous event, and rock it as much as I want. It’s too big for my petite wrist, but I love it anyway.
I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have great taste in replica watches …… While I appreciate the precision and intricate engineering behind a classic automatic watch, the 90s kid in me can’t seem to ditch my Freestyle Shark Clip. It has the right colors and retro vibe, it’s light and water-resistant so I barely notice it when jogging or swimming, and most importantly, it’s a great conversation piece.